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In the first half of 2022, The Catalead  successfully run several carefully crafted series on High Impact Leadership, with participants drawn from business, corporate, government, NGOs, and religious sectors. The response of the participants and the practical impact was evident and amazing. One senior manager quipped “This for me has been a rebirth!”

A new round of classes is coming up from August 2022. Choose between in-person and virtual sessions on the High Impact Leader Series. 

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Series One

Establishing Your Leadership Roots

This Five Part Series provides a shift from the traditional understanding of leadership to a new introspective paradigm. The journey of discovery culminates with each participant developing a personal Practical Roadmap to becoming a High Impact Leader.


  • 7 July – 31 Aug 2022 
    Wednesday Evenings – Online
  • 1–29 Aug 2022
    Monday Evenings – Physical

Series Two

Building Your Leadership Muscle


A Six Part series designed for developing critical disciplines, habits, and practices for becoming a High Impact Leader.

  • 30 July – 3 Sept 2022
    Saturday Mornings Physical
  • 5 Sept – 10 October
    Monday Mornings Online

Ksh. 54,000/= (USD 540)

To Be Announced

A Seven Part series insightfully crafted for those who want to go beyond positional leadership.

 Ksh. 49,000/= (USD 490)

To Be Announced

Probing sessions on matters of the mind and heart to establish personal values, practices, and commitments towards becoming a credible high impact leader

 Ksh. 61,000/= (USD 610)

Corporate Deep Dive Bundle

All Series One and Series Two Deep Dive content retooled and delivered in-house to a specific organisation. Benefits:
– Collectively empower and inspire your staff
– Contextualised discussions to address internal needs
– Team activities may be incorporated
– Determine who attends – Select your own dates – Choose your own location Requirements:
– Minimum 30 pax
– 4-5 Days

Ksh.54,000/= (USD 540)* per person.

Corporate Executive Bundle

A comprehensive Seven Part series uniquely designed for Senior Leaders in Boards and Management to enhance their Personal leadership skills and competencies.
– Compact yet comprehensive
– Delivery appropriate for Senior Leaders
– Considerate of time constraints for top leaders

Ksh. 87,000/= (USD 870)*

To Be Announced

A Seven Part series specially crafted for empowering Senior leaders in Management and Governance towards self- actualisation in leadership.

Ksh. 97,000/= (USD 970)

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