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In every generation, there arises a man or woman who steps into history and totally sets the agenda for a family, an organization, a nation, or even the whole world. Such individuals stir up a longing in our hearts for more of such leaders –authentic, courageous, empowering, and totally transformational. But then we realize that such leaders are in very short supply. In our frustration we therefore settle for very poor or sometimes outrightly destructive leadership.

In my brief leadership journey, I have come to realize that this does not have to be. It is possible to nurture and develop credible transformational leaders for every sector of society. That is why we at the Catalead believe you can be the change you are looking for. You can nurture your talents and sharpen your skills to become the best leader the world is waiting for. Our role is to catalyze the process. Welcome aboard.

David Oginde, PhD
Founder & Principal Consultant

Consulting Solutions

The Necessity of Leadership

Leadership is an absolute necessity in every sector of human engagement. It is with this in mind that we explore how elements of leadership are consistent with organizational structure, strategy and personal development. The Catalead is committed to developing high impact transformational individuals in every sphere. We believe that within every person, every team and in every capacity, there is a latent potential to lead and to excel. Our role is to catalyze that potential and bring forth the champion within. We fan into flame the fires of leadership.

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